Strategic Planning

Analysis, experience and clear thinking to help clients
in complex fields earn more from their expertise.

Strategic Planning

Organizational Priorities

Strategic planning begins with facilitated discussions in which we draw out and help our Clients prioritize the 3- to 5-year objectives of key stakeholders in their organization. These priorities run the gamut from financial outcomes to social impact, from building the organization's capabilities or competitive position to the nature of the day-to-day work.

Voice of the Customer

Discreet interviews, focus groups and surveys are among the tools we use to build a picture of where the demand will be for our Clients' expertise in three to five years. Where appropriate, in addition to capturing the Voice of the Customer, we'll also collect and analyze input from prospects, business partners, employees and others.

Opportunity Analysis

Through in-depth market research, we create an inventory of the opportunities our Clients have to monetize their expertise. These may include new or derivative products and services, strategic partnerships, new channels, more effective marketing programs for existing activities, ancillary markets for existing activities, and long-term development.

SWOT Analysis

We collect 360-degree feedback and conduct our own independent research to evaluate and report on how our Clients stand relative to the market for the type of information needs they meet. Following the classic "SWOT" model, we structure our assessment to include analyses of the Client's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Strategic Plans

To create the Strategic Plan, we combine all of the work above to develop clear and independent recommendations on the best course(s) forward for our Clients to achieve their long-term objectives. We present these formally, refine them based on Client input, and articulate the adopted Strategic Plan in writing.

Tactical Plans

For Clients wishing to develop a detailed tactical work plan for any strategic initiative, we develop comprehensive blueprints specifying each step to be taken, when and by whom. Tactical plans include complete calendars of interim deliverables, detailed responsibilities for each contributor, and benchmarks and metrics to monitor progress along the way.